What are your

decisions based on?

Adapt and generate innovative solutions.

Every drop

of information counts!

Adaptagis is adapting your information-flow! We are tabing multiple sources of unstructured data and lead them to a vast datapool.
From there, the Data flows into the information channels flooding our Analytic mills where we generate new insights, KPI’s and knowledge.
… and knowledge is power!

Taim your flow

and gain more power!

Adaptagis has a pool of experts who help you taming the information flows!
Tab new sources of information  /  Streamline your information flow  /  Generate new insights  /  Track your KPI’s  /  Let inforation flow from one pool into another  /  Monitor your information flow with automated reportings and allerts
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Adaptagis is an official partner of KNIME and provides courses and workshops in all major cities of Switzerland.
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